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The Dynasty Warriors and NAFFITI jointly released a limited edition of the NFTs copies available worldwide. The NFTs are of great collection value.
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$NAO Utility

$NAO holders can decide the key features of the NFT launchpad and marketplace
$NAO holders can vote which collection will be listed on Naffiti marketplace
$Nao holders can enjoy high yield staking APY
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$NAFF Utility

Buy and sell NFT collections
$NAFF holders can enjoy discounted exchange commission fee rate
Special VIP access to different groups, enter physical and online events in the
NFT community
$NAFF holders are entitled to whitelisting for exclusive IP minting
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NAFF Token Offering is a fair way of securing new partners on the Naffiti platform. 

With this IDO, NAFF is available to everyone before it reaches the marketplace. It also guarantees early adopters and superfans a specific price point.

NAFFITI Team’s and Advisors’ Tokens will be locked for 12 months after IDO with an additional 24 months of vesting. Marketplace Mining Tokens will be vested for 40 months after IDO.

NAFF Distribution

1,000,000,000 NAFF are distributed below:
2% Public Sales
(2 out of 4 sig)
0x8582DEEfBBAa1F53018A5A8C0E85bCd0af1502Be (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
6% Seed Investors
(2 out of 4 sig)
0x578FE5d378fD9c2E8be430a36100BBD296c1F248 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
8% Private Investor
(2 out of 4 sig)
0x650D1cA514964565219e5f7f3AaA51fc311daD92 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
1% Marketing Round
(2 out of 4 sig)
0x55e6929bb898B1b59e58538E687ff94641dE6b26 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
9% Market Making
(2 out of 4 sig)
0xd33A8c19ad2752779810A1A3C9a9240Ee1A83c95 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
20% Treasury
(2 out of 4 sig)
0x70DFD6e3C0e111D066d2678C4E6bF35c50F243b2 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
21% Team + Advisor + partnership
(2 out of 4 sig)
0xdD88B4224e6b4AC27b641fA5Fe0f4bDfc0A6FD84 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
13% Marketplace mining
(2 out of 4 sig)
0xdC624eAE2220f4f932A8B9dF26045ad94616cec3 (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
20% Grant & Incentives % Ecosystem
(2 out of 4 sig)
0xc8dc139F43147347863F2c754252C5b087234A3d (Held by Anthony, Vincent, Aka and Joseph)
Remarks (Naffiti Team Members):
Anthony - CTO
Vincent - Co-Founder
Aka - Head of Operations
Joseph - Head of Business Development

Key Metrics

Blockchain Network
Token Supply
Project Valuation
Initial Token Circulation
Initial Market Cap
Platform Raise

Detailed Token Metrics

Public Round:
Fundraised: $500,000
Price: $0.025
Lockup: 20% TGE; 3 months lockup; 8 months (Monthly Vesting)
Seed Round:
Fundraised: $600,000
Price: $0.01
Lockup: 10% TGE; 3 months lockup; 18 months (Monthly Vesting)
Private Round:
Fundraised: $1,600,000
Price: $0.02
Lockup: 10% TGE; 3 months lockup; 9 months (Monthly Vesting)
Marketing Round:
Fundraised: $250,000
Price: $0.025
Lockup: 20% TGE; 3 months lockup; 8 months (Monthly Vesting)

Our Team

Anthony Leung

Founder of Naffiti
The experienced creator in technology

Vincent Lau

Co-Founder of Naffiti
Angel Investor
Strategy & Growth Advisor
Business Development Advisor

Hanjin Tan

Co-Founder of Naffiti
Award winning singer/producer
Winner of 2011 Hong Kong Film Award
1st Chinese music NFT

Uosof Ahmadi

Marketing Director of Naffiti
Marketing powerhouse, propelling over 30 global brands to market with 10 years experience

Joseph Chau

Head of Business Development
More than 5 years of experience in various unicorn startups and blockchain industry
Successfully led various teams to drive existing and new business via Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

Aka Leung

Head of Operations
Experienced and motivated in blockchain industry with diverse and solid operational background in a global leading exchange.
4  years of experience in marketing and entertainment field.


Content Writer
Experienced in content writing and research with more than 5 years in a leading international Marketing Agency


Community Manager
An all-round veteran in community management with over 6 years of international experience in managing multi-channel marketing initiatives, marketing content and online/physical events.


Carlos has a remarkable capacity to take on different challenges and roles from the corporate position of CEO to advisor and investor in high growth startups. He is a catalyst for change in his market space, continuously delivering outstanding results.


Graphic Designer
Experienced, detail oriented and self-motivated graphic designer with strong academic background who used to be working in fast paced and pressurized environments as well as taking part in different projects at the same time to ensure timely project completion within a team.


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